XRAE Search Results and Pricing

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The Search Results page displays the insurance carriers, along with their health class rating. There are two symbols on the screen that can provide some added value. Underneath the carrier’s result there is a link labeled Underwriting Guide which will bring up the carrier’s published underwriting guide. In addition, when you hover over the information symbol, it will display any special information that the carrier wishes to disclose.


1. From the Search Results page, access pricing for your results by selecting the pricing button, located in the top right corner of the screen.

A page displays with each carrier’s health class and pricing information. XRAE automatically defaults to 20 Year, Annual and Hide ROP. You can modify that by selecting the drop down menus to choose your display options. From here you can change the state or have the information displayed in an Excel file (located above the pricing results).



You can also make a PDF by clicking the Print link, which is located in the left navigation menu.



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