LifePipe Quote Engine Help Desk


What's Different with the LifePipe Upgrade?
A lot of great, new features are available with the LifePipe upgrade! See our Overview Video to get a walkthrough of the new system.
Why Does LifePipe Look Different Framed on My Website?
If LifePipe is embedded into your website using an iFrame, it is likely that your website is restricting the width of the page and adversely affecting the LifePipe user interface. To resolve this issue, follow the our steps here.
Can I Add Agent Information to a Report?
Yes! You can easily add agent information, such as name, phone number, and/or license number to reports. See our instructions here.
Can I Change the Header in My Quote Engine?
LifePipe allows administrators to add instructional text and announcements to the LifePipe header. Each Profile ID can have a unique custom header. If you are a BGA or Carrier who wants to add custom header  to your LifePipe environment, follow our steps here.
Can I Change My Quote Engine's Colors to Match My Company's Colors?
LifePipe allows users to customize the theme (e.g. text and button colors) of their environment to match their companies brand. Each Profile ID can have a unique set of styling applied. If you are a BGA or Carrier who wants to add custom styling to your LifePipe environment, follow our steps here.
What Browsers are Supported in LifePipe?

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer v.11 & Edge
  • Google Chrome, most recent stable version
  • Firefox, most recent stable version

Mac OS & iOS

  • Apple Safari, most recent stable version

**Not sure what browser you are using?  Click here

What Are Product Groups?
Product Groups are pre-defined groups of products or carriers that narrow the product list that returns in the LifePipe search results. See our article for more information on configuring product groups.
Can I Edit, Rename, or Remove Product Groups?
Administrators can change a Product Group’s name, add or remove products from the group, or disable a Product Group so that it no longer displays in the Product Groups drop down in LifePipe. See our article for more information.
How Do I Know Which Apply Options Are Available for a Product?
Paper Forms, Drop Ticket, and e-Application apply options are supported for select products in LifePipe. Once you select a product from the search results, you can see which Apply options are available for the chosen product.
How Can I Quickly See the Top 5, 10, or 15 Product Results?
You can configure a “Top Results” search option to display either the top 5, 10, or 15 product results. This option must be turned on in iService to display as a search option in LifePipe. For more information, see our Set LifePipe Search, Output, and Term Length Options article.
Is There an API for LifePipe?
Yes! You can see our API specification here. If you do not currently use our API, contact your ipipeline account rep for more information.


What Other Features Are Coming to iSolve?
New features will be phased in over multiple releases. To keep up to date on the upcoming release, please subscribe to our email list (choose LifePipe and iSolve after logging in).
Do I Need to Update My Website to Support iSolve?
If you are an existing iPipeline Lifepipe (Term Quote) customer there is nothing you need to do. Simply choose types (i.e. GUL Benchmark, CAUL Benchmark) from the “Product Type dropdown when performing your search. If you are a new customer, the iPipeline support team will provide instructions on how to get iSolve setup on your website.
Where Can I Submit Feedback About iSolve?
Please submit feedback or enhancement ideas on our idea forum. When submitting an idea, please choose “Lifepipe” as the product and “iSolve” as the category. Note: You will need to register for a free account on the customer portal to submit ideas.
How Can I Be Notified of Updates to iSolve?
To get updates on product enhancements, carrier availability and other announcements, please subscribe to our Lifepipe/iSolve Release Notes email list. Go to our “Release Notes” page, login and then choose “Lifepipe and iSolve” from the product list on the right side of the page. Click on the Subscribe button to be added to the email list.
How Do I add iSolve products to my profile?
To add products and carriers to your quote profiles, check out our Add iSolve Products to your LifePipe Quoting Tool knowledgebase article.
Are There Any Training Videos Available?
Yes! Check out the iSolve Take the Tour video.