LifePipe Upgrade


Take action now or lose access to quoting.


NOTE:  If you are an Agent you do NOT need to take any action.  Please contact the company who runs your quoting tool website and let them know they need to upgrade.

The old version of LifePipe Term Quote will be discontinued over the next two weeks. To prevent any disruption for your users, you must take action now or you will lose access to running quotes. To start the upgrade process, follow the instructions and complete the form on the "Upgrade to Individual LifePipe User Accounts" page.

NOTE: Customers are required to upgrade their user accounts to Direct Login (Agents will need to login with a username and password) or SAML (Single Sign On) before you are eligible for the new version of LifePipe.

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Check our schedule to see if your company is already on the list or how you can be added.


Sign up so we can contact you closer to your upgrade date with additional instructions.


Sit back, relax, and enjoy all the new features that come with the LifePipe upgrade!

Have Questions?

No problem. See our upgrade FAQs to find answers to our most frequently asked questions.


See some highlights of the new features available on LifePipe


Optimized for smartphones and tablets


Search up to 3 death benefits at once


Manage your user profile and track recent quotes


Multiple reports with improved formatting


Narrow quotes by health class, carrier, and more


Compare multiple term lengths and face amounts side by side

Interested in Other Features?

See our full list of LifePipe features and a comparison grid of LifePipe and Classic LifePipe


We realize you might have some questions about this upgrade and we're here to help. See our FAQs below.

  How much does it cost to upgrade to the new version?

There is no cost for existing customers of LifePipe.

  When will my agency be upgraded to the new version?

Each agency will be upgraded according to our upgrade schedule.  **Note: You must login to access the schedule.

  Can I upgrade some of my users to the new version and keep the rest on the old?

No. Once the upgrade is complete, all users under a single customer ID (GAID) will be updated to the new version.

  Do I need to update my website to support the new version?

Maybe. If you are listed on the upgrade schedule, there is nothing you need to change on your website. We will automatically re-direct your users over to the new version on your scheduled migration date. If your agency is not on the upgrade schedule this means your company hasn't upgraded to individual user accounts yet, which is required for the upgrade. During the user account upgrade, our support team will provide you updated links to put on your website. For more information, see our article here.

  Which browsers are supported on the new version?

We continue to certify new versions of the most popular browsers including Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, and Firefox. For a full list please visit our LifePipe Systems Requirements.

  Is mobile term quote being updated to the new version?

No. Mobile term quote will remain the way it is today. However, the new version of LifePipe is supported on mobile phone and tablets.

  Do I need to change any of my profile settings to support the new version?

No. Your product/carrier selections and profile settings will automatically apply in the new version. Custom colors, headers, and logos will need to be re-configured in iService. For more information on how to customize LifePipe please visit our knowledgebase.

  I am using the Save/Store quote feature, will my saved quotes be imported into the new version?

No. Your existing saved quotes will be removed after the upgrade.

  Where can I learn about what is different in the new version?

You can see our full feature list, as well as what as been removed, here.

  Where can I submit feedback about the new version?

Please submit feedback or enhancement ideas on our Idea Forum.

  What does "individual user accounts" mean?

Individual user accounts means all agents and BGAs will need to enter a username and password to access LifePipe.

  Why do I need to upgrade my user accounts to use the new LifePipe?

iPipeline is moving to individual user accounts for added security and to provide a more seamless experience for our users. With the upgrade to individual user accounts, users will be able to use their iGO account to log into LifePipe. Find more information here.