Meet Our Product Team

Kevin Kemmerer

Kevin leads the product team at iPipeline.  He joined iPipeline in January 2013.  Outside of work, Kevin and his wife spend most of their time as chauffeurs for their two teenage sons.  Uber drivers would be envious of the number of miles they drive each weekend.  In the precious minutes when he has free time, you will find Kevin reliving his Montana roots pedaling his bike on a not-too-steep mountain trail.

Paul Yates

Paul lives in the rolling hills of the Cotswolds UK with his family. He moved from Carrierland to developing technology 15 years ago and has not looked back since. He blends his passion for design with his love of modern art and alternative music to bring new perspectives to age old issues in our market. Paul looks after SolutionBuilder and LifeGenie; innovative solutions designed with our clients that, for the first time in memory, are driving growth in the UK protection market.

Dr. Brian Falkenhainer

Brian joined iPipeline in January 2017 and leads the Resonant New Business and Underwriting product line. When he’s not working, Brian and his wife enjoy their now-empty nest and seek out their next unchartered diving adventure. Sharks always welcomed!

Christine Seidman

Christine joined iPipeline in January of 2010.  Christine runs iPipeline’s Stategic Alliance and Partnership Program where she focuses on building relationships with organizations that complement and add value to the iPipeline product ecosystem. Christine is an avid concert go-er and foodie, although she unashamedly admits to her greatest vice…Domino’s Pizza. 

Owen Friedrich

Owen joined iPipeline in April 2015 and is the DocFast and Content (Forms, Quoting, Product Information) Product Manager. In his free time you can find him testing his patience on the golf course or mountain biking through eastern Pennsylvania.

Laura D'Anna

Laura joined iPipeline in December 2011 and is the AgentOne Product Manager. Laura enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants, and watching Michigan football. Laura recently went ice skating at Rockefeller Center, which is something she's always wanted to do.

Mary Maxson

Mary joined iPipeline in December 2016 as our Product Technical Writer and manages our Customer Portal and the documentation across our various product lines. Mary is an avid dog lover and spends most of her free time reading, watching Netflix, or hanging out with her family.

Showvik Sizan

Showvik joined iPipeline in April 2017 as our Data Scientist and manages our data and analytics endeavors  across our various channels. Showvik is a voracious reader of history books and never gives up a chance to play soccer.

Becca Mopper

Becca joined iPipeline in May 2017. She’s the new product manager for iGO, Illustrations, and PolicyHS solutions. Becca spends most of her free time blogging, attempting to learn photography, traveling, or watching Netflix. Feel free to send her TV recommendations!