Ping Upgrade 2022

2022 iPipeline Ping Maintenance Upgrade

What is happening?

To better support iPipeline’s authentication and authorization services and take advantage of the most recent, robust features provided by the Ping Identity© suite, iPipeline is targeting to upgrade all Ping applications to their current versions.  iPipeline leverages Ping identity security services to support single-sign, direct login authorization and authentication, user access and user management.  We will be updating the following applications to the current supported version of the Ping Identity suite:

  • Ping Access
  • Ping Directory
  • Ping Federate
  • Ping Delegated Admin

When is this happening?

The following environments are scheduled for updates:

  • UAT – August 17 8pm EDT – August 18 1am EDT
  • Prod – October 7 – 10pm EDT

Who will be affected by the upgrade?

A large majority of iPipeline’s life insurance line of business applications are protected by Ping including but not limited to:

  • iGO
  • Illustrations (excluding Welis)
  • Resonant
  • DocFast
  • Quote (LifePipe and iSolve)
  • FormsPipe
  • iService
  • Content suite

Ping is leveraged by SSO from a carrier or distributor site, by direct logins via iPipeline application login pages, and for some integrations with other carriers and vendors.

What is the call to action?

If you have existing access to iPipeline UAT environments and are leveraging one of the impacted applications, please validate that you can successfully log in and subsequently access downstream applications and integrations on or soon after August 18, 2022.

Contact us at if you need assistance, or to reach out promptly if you observe unexpected issues to report.