What is the “Did You Know” Series? – January 2020

Did You Know?

What is the “Did You Know” Series? – January 2020


As part of our goal this year to empower our customers, you, to help your users, we are developing a “Did You Know” series.

The series will be sent out once a month and will cover our top issues for 2019. We want to give you more than just an issue and steps to walk through. We want to give you information to help you grow a deeper understanding of the iPipeline solutions and the insight you can provide users. In each article, we will present a common question or issue, how it might present itself to the user, what the user might say or describe the issue as, and how they or you can overcome the issue. These range from questions on how to resend a signature email to errors that the user might see.

In short – Why are users calling and how can you help them handle whatever comes their way and thereby offer them a quicker solution to their issue?

What if I don’t want to receive the email series or I want to add recipients?

Just reply to this or any of the other emails in the series, or click opt out at the bottom of the email.

Can I send my users this email or the links to the articles?

At this time, only agency and carrier customers can access our Customer Portal. Please do not forward this email series or the links within it to users.

I don’t want to wait for the articles, how do I get to the Customer Portal?


How can I submit ideas for future enhancements or article ideas?


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