DocFast e-Delivery; Delivering Policies to Consumers without Paper! – July 2020

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DocFast e-Delivery; Delivering Policies to Consumers without Paper! – July 2020

We are all very familiar with iGO and creating applications to make their way to the carriers, but it’s time to get cozy with DocFast and delivering policies to the consumers.


Providing content to agencies and carriers has been a top priority for us over the past few years, but we realize that having content available to users is just as valuable. With this in mind, and the feedback we have

Though it might not have been widely used a few years ago, DocFast steadily gained popularity among our customer base. Why? Its ease of use, shortening of cycle time for policy delivery and the joy of no longer needing to mail out policies contributed to its overall adoption. Now with the emergence of COVID-19, DocFast is rapidly being adopted by companies to limit exposure even further while still making sure policies are delivered and business doesn’t stall.


What might the user say to indicate that they need help with DocFast?

“I am trying to login, but I can’t remember my username.”

“I logged in, but I am not seeing the policy that was sent to me.”

“Where do I go to register?”

“How do I add a new Case Manager Admin?”


If you haven’t checked out DocFast yet, or you haven’t taken any training on it, I would highly suggest you check out the Training Videos located on our Customer Portal. These are one of the first resources our support team accesses to understand the system and build up their foundation knowledge. This is also something you are going to want your team to review if they are going to be using DocFast or helping users with DocFast. From how to login, to transferring a policy to another case manager for approval, the videos cover a wealth of topics! It’s also worth taking the time to check out the Take the Tour Video here.


Once in DocFast, the system is easy to use and understand. The actions are completed through the Action button to the right of the policy on the DocFast Dashboard or, after clicking into policy details, through the Document Actions button in the top right. Actions range from e-Delivery, to Resend, to requesting a change through the Change

Request option. Depending on your role, and the current status of the policy, the actions available may vary. Check out the possible options here.


In addition to reviewing the available training videos, and understanding the available actions, our team also reviews the knowledge base articles on the Customer Portal to gain a full understanding of how to get started with DocFast, as well as what users can expect from start to finish.


Why do users struggle with DocFast?

The majority of questions or issues come up related to the login portion of DocFast. Once users are able to access DocFast, the actions and overall user interface is easy to understand and navigate.


Users are often expecting to register on a website, like our other tools. With DocFast, users register after they receive the email notification for their first policy. There will be a link contained in that email to access the policy as a first-time user, and they can then complete their registration process.


Because some users are not accessing DocFast often, or they access through multiple agencies and directly with carriers, they can have confusion on which username to use to access a policy. They might be able to login but then not see an expected policy, or they get stuck on the login because they cannot remember their username. Our support teams have a few tools to resolve this issue, and we have a project underway internally to have a DocFast Admin tool made available to customers so that they can have the same visibility and capabilities our support team has. We will be providing more details on that as the date of release is determined.


Overall the feedback on DocFast is overwhelmingly positive, and as we work internally to provide more access to tools so that you can better support your users, we look forward to you and your users working with DocFast and benefiting from it!


Check out these articles on our Customer Portal for DocFast:


DocFast Training Videos

DocFast Actions Available

DocFast Overview


How can I submit ideas for future enhancements or article ideas?


Submit your ideas on how to improve DocFast.

Not sure what to submit?

Here is an example: I always forget my PIN, can you text it to me? (Yes, for some carriers, we can do that now!)


We look forward to empowering you and helping increase your user adoption!

Thank you,

iPipeline Support

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